Saturday, October 27, 2007

Welcome to my Mind

Frightening thought, i know...

I have been thinking for a long time about starting a blog about Second Life. Not so much because I think that anyone will really care what I have to say about anything (lol), but because I have felt the need building up to speak out about things, to get my thoughts down in writing, about some of the things that are going on with SL, with me, my SLife, my business dealings, etc. I tend to be careful about what I say, and who I say it to, and I always try to be fair and reasoned on anything i say publically, and I have never quite found the right forum to express myself.

I am a pretty honest, blunt person, and I have my opinions. I intend to use the blog to post my musings, thoughts, opinions, rants, and random observations on a number of topics: the World Stock Exchange, business and economy, content creation, updates on DDE and DSE, SL relationships, life in general, and whatever else is occupying my mind at any given time.

I won't hold back in this blog. There's no point in blogging if it isn't going to be from the heart. So, I apologize in advance to anyone that I offend, insult, or irritate. Please feel free to post a scathing response. When I post on the WSE, for example, I try to be very objective and reasoned, and dare I say it, professional. I make no such promise for the blog. It will likely be full of inconsistencies, silliness, maybe pettiness, and even the occasional profanity (hehe). I may well stray into mature subjects, if they capture my attention, so don't expect the same kind of "business" language that I use in other places.

There are a few things that I won't do. I won't edit comments, but if they are totally profane, I might remove them. I won't paste inworld conversation threads. I won't use the blog as a platform for gratuitous personal attacks against individuals (although I don't promise that there won't be some collateral damage as i spew). I won't use the blog to blatantly promote my own products and services, but I may use it to post news and announcements. And I won't talk a lot about real life, except insofar as it affects my actions and feelings about SL. SL is an escape, and has been an opportunity to recreate myself to some degree. Oh, I am still ME. Just more so. lol

So, welcome. I hope that a few people read the blog, and find something of value in it, and I encourage anyone who does to leave a reply whether to completely disagree with me and tell me I am an idiot, give me advice, make their own observations, or whatever.

Have fun.

And remember, it's "only a game" bwahahahahaha...

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Anonymous said...


A bit late for a comment, but i totally share your view! As I said in a comment on your latest article.

btw, thanks for your friends invite.