Friday, November 23, 2007

The road to hell...

So.... I got Abuse Reported today... I think it's the first time it has ever happened to me, actually, which is quite amazing considering how many people I have pissed off in my time in Second Life... lol. It ended up being quite a disheartening experience, so I thought I would write a blog about good intentions going wrong...

So, as you know, I am purchasing some islands from Kejo Merlin this month. One of them is a beautiful sim that only had one renter - who had done a wonderful job of setting up the sim, and had in turn rented it out to others. Just before the sim was transferred - the renter informed me that he was not going to renew the lease - which was fine with me - and we had a few discussions about the transition. He had paid his tier to Kejo up to November 27th - and of course I am honoring all of Kejo's arrangements with tenants.

We spoke on about November 10th, and the renter offered to leave the sim early - to which i responded that it was up to him - I was happy to wait until the 27th. To which, i THOUGHT he told me, no - I will tell them that they have to leave by next week... What i was to find out afterward, was that what he meant was that he would tell them next week that they had to be out by the 27th...

So, the transfer went through and I visited the sim a few times, and always saw 0 traffic, but all of their things were still there - houses, furniture, etc... This morning, I figured they were all gone, and so i started to combine the parcels with a view to setting up the sim from scratch. I rezzed a few objects to help me with this. I had combined the whole sim into one parcel, and had divided 1/4 for a renter that I knew wanted it. I went to return my own objects
, and (as I am embarrassed to admit I have done before) i hit the wrong button and returned everything on the parcel!

Well, the IM's started pouring in, but I had to log for a bit and wasn't able to deal with the problem immediately. By the time i got back a couple of hours later, I had received a number of really angry IM's from the owner (understandably!). Some of the objects were group owned - which means they were deleted! and the rest were returned in the nightmare bundles that SL creates when returning lots of stuff. It was a total mess. Turns out that before I could respond to him, he Abuse Reported me for it! When I logged back on, I tried to tell the renter that I had made a mistake - and i was really sorry - and that I was contacting the Lindens to see if i could get everything fixed. Well - he basically told me that I was a dishonest bitch (my word, not his), and that he hoped i enjoyed getting rich by screwing him and his renters. I felt REALLY bad about it and tried to apologize twenty times - and to compensate him for any losses of items - but the damage was already done. He had to take a lot of flack from his own renters - who were also understandably pissed.

Within an hour, I was able to get the Lindens to roll back the sim, and all of the renters objects were returned to it, exactly as they had been before my mistake. I let the renter know that it was all fixed - and he basically said he didn't care - that i could keep my damned sim and my damned money, and that he hoped I could sleep at night... That's kind of where things have been left. No word yet on the Abuse Report...

It was a very frustrating experience. On the one hand, it was definitely my mistake (or a couple of mistakes compounded) - so I can totally understand the renter's anger and annoyance. I would be pissed too! On the other hand, I did whatever I could to fix it, and in the end, nothing was lost, and the island is now the way it was before any of this happened. But, I have left this renter with the belief that I am dishonest and unfair - which really drives me crazy.
I must have apologized 20 times - and he was just unwilling to hear an apology. That's within his rights, I guess.

In the end, there's no really happy ending to this - I guess it is just the price of doing business - people are going to get mad at you and dislike you - you are going to make mistakes, and sometimes deserve their anger and dislike. I guess the only thing I can do is have a clear conscience that I tried my best - and that mistakes like this happen really rarely.

But, I'll tell you, I AM going to have trouble sleeping tonight....



Aeneas Whitfield said...

One of the least appealing facets of the Interent is the way relative anonimity allows negative feelings to be amplified way beyond the point of reasonable.

Seems to me you have done everything possible to remedy an honest mistake. You ought not to lose any sleep but that's a thing we share. I tend to replay any events which make me angry or upset during the night. Doesn't resolve anything, no new insights, just lost sleep. The price of having a conscience I guess.

Try to put it in perspective. Consider the number of residents you deal with daily, investors, renters etc. the vast majority of whom are content otherwise you wouldn't have such a successful business right? If that doesn't work try drinking warm milk or vigorous "exercise".

Non illegitimus carborundum est (I think)

Anna Andalso said...

This reminds me of a time when you first started working the land Business. Back when it was still new to you, Linden Labs was messing with how the Sell/Buy options worked for Land. One day you went to a Sim you had just purchased and was setting the Sim up into parcels. Just like this time you clicked the wrong button accidentally and set almost half to most of the Sim to sell for only a few Lindens. Seconds after a Land Swooper came down and purchased the land before you had the chance to change the pricing on the land. You were devastated. But now just like this time. You saw what had happened and turned it into a learning experience. That event happening caused you to be as careful with your land as you are now. Without that event it may have taken you months longer to learn the same lesson you learned in a day. If not longer. It was events like these through all of your land dealings, that have made you the land Baroness that you are today. Because of these events you have a kind hearted disposition with your customers. You ensure to you best possible extent that ALL of your customers are happy. Regardless of Race, Country, or Creed. You do the most possible to ensure that they are Happy Customers. Often going far out of your way to ensure this happiness.

Yes you had an accident. Yes it caused grief. But what accident doesn't? Ive never found one that doesn't. The previous Land Barron should have made his explanation clearer. In the end its all Miscommunication. With the land being sold her should have made made the dates clear on the transfer, with both you, and his customers. The shortcomings of another do not change the deeds you have done. As well as they do not erase the accomplishments you have made.

As for the Abuse Report..... Waste of time to even worry about it. Especially considering the fact that you did everything possible to return everything to the way it was.

As Aeneas Whitfield said.
Nil Illegitimus Carborundum (Don't Let the Bastards Get you Down)

Delicious Demar said...

Thanks for the memories, Kitten. lol. I remember it all too well. it was the first sim I ever bought at auction, and I was so excited. But you're right - it was a learning experience - it was one of the things that made me stop treating SL totally like a "game".

And as it turned out, last night I slept fine... lol

Although it would have been nice to have some vigorous "exercise"...


Anonymous said...

People make mistakes, that happens
But when you did it with good intentions than there is nothing wrong
And i know you, so dont worry about it. Your a good person and didnt mean it to happen this way
Learn in live that you cant please everyone
love yaaa