Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I watched the sun sneaking down over the horizon. One minute it was there and the next it was gone. It had been a great day on Second Life - for once I had closed the IM box, and gone to a friend's club to do some dancing. I had spent the day with Anna - the first time in a long time that we had just hung out, went to buy some new (very naughty) clothes, and just kinda BEEN together. Anna is about my oldest friend on Second Life - we met on my second day there - the first day I had spent underwater - hiding under a bridge and playing with the mod sliders on my Appearance tab so I didn't look like a house wife from Des Moines - I guess I was as vain then as I continue to be now. lol Over time, I have spent less and less time just having fun in SL - I guess the whole "business" thing has monopolized my time a lot over the last few months. I tend to get bored pretty easily - usually I am good for about 10 minutes of dancing and being witty, before I start looking around for something else to do. but for some reason, this day was different - my ADHD was at bay - and I was able to sit back with the keyboard, crank the music up, and just enjoy the sound and feel of SL, and the company of good friends.

The music was pounding - it was some heavy techno stream, the kind of music that I love when I am dancing - it reminds me of a more carefree time in RL when I cut loose and would just let life take me wherever it wanted to. Anna was looking particlarly yummy - she got some naughty little corset that showed off ALL her assets. and another of my friends, barnowlgirl, was trying desperately to set me up with one her hot man friends. hehe. He is a sweety - although I warned her that I am a terrible heart breaker in here. I decided along time ago that I was going to limit the emotional investment I made in Second Life - I crossed that line a few times when I first started and it never ended well. But for now, I wasn't worrying about it - I was just flirting like a catholic school girl and having a great time.

I had a chance to reflect back on the last year in Second Life - the swirling lights and pounding beat were a bit hypnotic - and my mind wandered into some suprisingly real-life questions about this virtual-life world that we play in. Am I happy in SL? Do I have the right balance between work and SLife? Do I take it all just a little too seriously? Do I have any regrets? I wasn't doubting myself, just rolling the thoughts around in my mouth like a nice glass fo red wine, lazily tasting them and seeing what flavours they had. It was an oddly special moment, these quiet thoughts amid the frantic movements on the dance floor.

At one point, I got a message from someone that had heard I did the land thing - who was standing on one of my parcels looking to rent it - so I took a little break from the dance and popped over to meet her. first thing I usually do is read someone's profile to get an idea what they are all about. And then, I usually talk to them for a little, asking what they are looking for, what they like, and what sorts of things they like to do in Second Life. The plot we were standing on was a nice piece of land, bordered by water, sandy and flat - perfect for just about anything - but it was nestled between a dance club and a couple of gorgeous homes with a garden in a nouveau-goth kind of motif.

After a minute or two, it became clear to me that although the land was good for her in terms of size and terrain - she would be much happier on a different kind of sim - quieter and more relaxed - so i took a couple of minutes to look over the parcels that I had available, and quickly found one on a perfect sim - quiet and classicly done - few neighbours, and with one of her favorite jazz clubs (Smooth - awesome place) on one part of the sim. In the end, we zoomed over there and she rented the plot. She was SOOO happy - I could feel her smiling from the other end of the ether, and she kept thanking me again and again. She called over a couple of friends and started to plan out her new SLife as a land owner. She had that particular excitement that I love to see - all about new possibilities and creativity. It was awesome.

So, I popped back to the club, and joined the dance again - bumping and grinding to the music, and chatting and flirting with the cute boy. and I realized that, yeah, I am happy in SL, and all is right with the virtual world.




Anonymous said...

im so glad that you realized that in our club
Yes even proud on it:)
Make your own world
make fun work a bit comfort your friends
And you will see it makes you happy.
Just like you made me happy here
hugs and kissies


Anonymous said...
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