Monday, November 12, 2007

WSE Key Metrics

Well, as painful as it turned out to be (lol) - I have taken the next step in my analysis of the companies listed on the World Stock Exchange (WSE). Those of you who read my blog about the first 25 companies listed on the exchange will be familiar with the kind of metrics that I have used to examine their performance, but I have expanded them a bit, and completed the analysis for the rest of the companies on the exchange.

I should start off with my own disclaimers and such: Any factual errors in these numbers are completely my own, and are just that - errors. I have tried to ensure that my numbers are correct, based on publicly available data on the WSE website, but may have made a few errors in calculation. Whenever possible, I have used the financial statements posted in the WSE format, but on several occasions, these were either missing, or obviously incorrect, in which case I used financials posted in the announcements.

Most importantly!! The metrics provided here are ONLY ONE factor in analyzing a company on the WSE - and do not reflect the specific circumstances of any particular company. The range of industries and companies on the WSE makes it impossible to make an investment decision based solely on the numbers. For example, certain companies (like those offering investment portfolios, and especially derivative type investments) should not be judged on their performance as seen here - since they are by nature based on the future performance of OTHER stocks on the WSE. However, for the most part, I found these numbers very interesting indeed.

For the purposes of this post, I am not providing and analysis per se, but simply making the raw numbers available for your interest and perusal. I will eventually (when time permits!) provide my own thoughts about the performance of specific companies, but i wanted to get these metrics completed as a first step.

I would love for people to post their thoughts, reactions, and their own analysis here, as well as any question that you may have about the way in which it was done. And, as always, please feel free to IM me inworld as well with any questions, comments, or concerns.

HERE they are!!!



Lindsay Druart said...

:( I posted dividends on November 7th....

Delicious Demar said...

lol - sorry about that - I'll fix it and re-upload as soon as i can. but hey - you company looks amazing! wooot!

Zadruk Zabelin said...
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Zadruk Zabelin said...

Whoops now i've made ur page untidy : (

Very Very Handy TY DD, you just saved me about a weeks worth of navigation round the WSE :O, which could lead me onto a whole catalogue of Gripes! about past trades labelled RMV and charts&graphs that you can't navigate away from without using bkspc. I'll tell you what I'll buy some more shares in DDE to show my gratitude ; ).

Delicious Demar said...

Thanks a lot Zadruk :-)

Lindsay - I had a chance to update the spreadsheet, reflecting your most recent dividend. If it makes you feel any better - I forgot to include DDE's most recent dividend as well!!! rofl.


Lindsay Druart said...

HAH! Looks good. Thanks!

Rockwell Ginsberg said...

Nice work DD! Very interesting stuff! Keep an eye out for an upside surprise for this month's HOT dividend payable 11/15!

Griffin Halderman said...

Delicious, I'd first like to say thanks for the metrics you posted.

Even though the Financial Metrics pieces are based on the underlying financial data provided by the listed companies, for which, no one truly knows if the data they provide is accurate or not.

The metrics you provided are at least a bare minimum place to start. It was nice to see that you made it clear that you are not a financial analyst and the data provided was purely for informational purposes.

Additionally you responded very well to some points made by Andros Chemistry a few days ago in which he stated that:

1. "There's no regulation, and no oversight."

2. "Every one of these companies could very well be an elaborate ruse"

3. "interest payments" are presented instead as dividends, with the money coming directly from the IPO and ongoing sale of stock"

4. "no SL company would ever be caught dead posting a financial report with a loss. Why do that when they can lie?"

5. "If any SL business owner had any confidence in their own company, or wanted his/her investors to have any confidence, he'd maintain a significant stake in that company.. which nobody ever does, including yourself. "

Your responses to his post does shed some light on the true and honest intentions you in particular have when using investors money to further expand your business ventures, for which I commend you.

One piece you said was "people are actually using real money, not fake money, to play this "game". And there are some people who take the game seriously, when they are playing with other people's money. One day, I hope to make Second Life profitable for me in my real life - by building it to the point where the play money can be exchanged for real cash."

That statement helps show investors that you are seriously committed in pursuing what could be several successful business ventures using other people's money.