Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DDE acquisition of Delicious Skins to proceed

The recent motion seeking approval for DDE's acquisition of Delicious Skins (DSE) still has a day to run, but has already received more than 50% of possible votes, so I have asked LukeConnell to proceed with the conversion of DSE shares into DDE shares, as the mechanism for the acquisition.

I have already destroyed all of my own shares in DSE, and the 3:1 (DSE:DDE) conversion of remaining DSE shares will proceed immediately. As a first step, trading on both companies will need to be halted, so the WSE staff can complete the conversion. I have asked Luke to halt trading as soon as possible, and will keep you all appraised of the timing for the resumption of trading.

Thanks to all of my shareholders for their input and general support of this move. There was a significant minority of shareholders that voted against the motion, and I want to ensure them that I will work hard to make DDE even more profitable after this acquisition.

Please leave a comment or question, and I will try to answer quickly.

Yours sincerely,

Delicious Demar

Building dreams. Doing it right.

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