Monday, December 8, 2008

DDE December update

Season's greetings to all DDE shareholders, and the world at large!

First, let me apologize for my unavailability over the last few weeks. The last month has been a difficult one in RL. The demands of my job have increased dramatically in the last six weeks, and over the last two weeks, I have had unfortunate news of the death of a close family member, and the serious illness of another. Needless to say, I have had to focus my attention there, and have in fact not even been able to sign on to Second Life for almost two weeks now.

However, life goes on, as does business. As I had indicated last month, I took steps to ensure the future of DDE, and those steps have now been implemented and are more or less complete. In order to weather the storm of changes, with the downturn in the land business in general in SL, and the increase in prices for Openspace sims, I decided that in order to survive, DDE was going to have to entrench and downsize, leaving a core business that was substantially smaller, but more stable and once again profitable.

November was a difficult month, like October, and although I was able to make all tier payments, DDE suffered a second month of overall losses, albeit it a small loss of less than 50,000L for the month. However, I also managed to consolidate operations by selling or divesting 17 Openspace sims and 4 regular sims in those two months, leaving DDE a more manageable size with 13 regular sims and 17 Openspace sims. Occupancy is back up to reasonable levels, with all of the Openspaces rented, and about 11 of the 13 regular sims full.

Unfortunately, given the "fire sale" nature of the land business recently, I was not able to garner much in sale price for the sims that I divested - in fact of the 17 Openspace sims, 4 were sold at the cost of the transfer, and 5 were abandoned outright. For the regular sims, I got prices of between $300 and $500 each, net of the transfer cost. All in all, I took what I could get in the current market, being more concerned about getting out from under the unmanageable tier level that DDE had prior to October. Current tier costs for DDE are down from $8,000 per month to $5,500 per month, with revenues that for the first time since September will exceed those tier levels.

As we have all seen, some of the most established land businesses in Second Life have gone under recently, so the troubles DDE has experienced are not specific to us, but are being seen with many land owners in general.

The good news is that the worst is behind us now - and DDE is poised to move forward smaller and leaner, but profitable again! I know that the steps I have taken might be seen as drastic, but I thought it was not the time for timid action, but rather bold strokes, and so I did what I thought was best to save the company from going under. Although, as always, I wanted to put the best face forward, frankly six weeks ago, DDE was in serious danger of going bankrupt and losing everything. But it now appears as if we will emerge from this difficult period intact and healthy.

Over the next day, I will put together a package of financial information that I will submit to the International Stock Exchange to begin formal proceedings for a relisting on that exchange. I would presume a vote will be held in the coming days to see if the exchange is amenable, and I would hope to be listed there within a very short period of time.

Thanks to all the well-wishers and supporters that have sent me messages over the last month - and to all the shareholders who have been patient and had faith in DDE as we navigated these difficult waters. I will work hard to validate that faith and patience, and will strive to make DDE the best it can be, and to provide value and returns for its investors.

Please feel free to leave a comment here, or to contact me inworld, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DDE October Update

Hello to all and happy autumn :-) And thanks to Eliale for catalyzing this post.

Since the Linden Labs post about their increased tiers for Openspaces in January, I have been running flat out trying to get organized and make sure that DDE can survive this latest change. With 34 Openspace sims as of the time of the announcement, DDE could be pretty hard hit by this announcement. It is a busy time, and there are a number of updates I want to provide. Forgive my brevity - but all of my attention has to be focused on guiding DDE through the difficult waters it finds itself navigating.

October Results for DDE
October was a difficult month. I was laid up sick for almost two weeks without being able to get online, and several large renters left during that time. I guess the world financial situation is starting to have an impact, because most of them left reluctantly, but due to RL financial issues. As a result, some land lay empty for quite a while, making no revenue. So, sad to say that October marks the first time in its history that DDE had a loss. With revenues of just under 2,000,000L and expenses of 2,300,000L, DDE carries a 300,000L loss forward into November. However, DDE was able to cover costs because I had been holding a reserve for just such an eventuality, and we remain solvent and in decent shape.

Effects of the Openspace tier increase
Although the tier increase for Openspace sims has a significant impact on DDE operations, I have informed all renters of Openspace sims that they have three options:
1. Pay an increased tier in January and keep their sim
2. Move to 1/4 regular sim, with the same prims, at the same rent that they pay now
3. Leave
So far, I have talked to almost all of the renters in question, and although one or two have signaled an intent to leave, almost all of them are choosing one of options 1 or 2, in about a 50/50 split. Within the next two weeks, I will have a clear sense of what they have all decided, and will move forward.

The future of DDE
With the lacklustre months in August and September, and a clear loss in October, to be frank, DDE was hovering on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to survive, I have had to make some difficult decisions, and act quickly. To begin with, it was clear that I needed to reduce my tier level exposure - at the end of October, I was paying LL almost $8,000 USD per month in tier, leaving me personally exposed if the business continued to decline. In addition, it was clear that with the amount of empty land DDE currently carried, that tier level was not going to be reached in October and November.
Therefore, I have taken the following steps.
1. I have now sold 11 Openspace sims, receiving a modest price and covering the cost of transfer with a little left over.
2. I have abandoned one Openspace sim, which had a tier date coming in a couple of days, and no prospective buyers.
3. I have sold two regular sims in order to generate some cash. Considering the poor land market right now, I was able to get a decent price of $1,200 combined for the two of them, net of transfer fees. This provided some cash to pay tier on the remaining islands, and lowered tier overall.

With these moves, and more anticipated in the next two weeks, DDE has lowered its tier level from $8,000 to about $6,500 per month. Further reduction in the size of DDE will be forthcoming. I want DDE to emerge on the far side of this difficult time significantly smaller, but significantly stronger as well. Although I think the days of 800,000L profits per month are gone for good, I am confident that I can move DDE into a profitable position by the end of November, with a decent profit margin on a smaller land base.

As with any significant change, there are new opportunities emerging as well, for those with the courage to seize them. I will be keeping a close eye on mainland prices and movement, because there may be opportunities in that market, as some Openspace renters across the grid move onto mainland once again. I will proceed with caution, of course. I will be keeping an eye on estate markets as well, because the final decision of Linden Labs regarding Openspace sims has not yet been made, and any changes in their announced policy may provide further opportunities.

Relisting of DDE
It is still my intention to relist DDE on the ISE. I had intended to relist in mid-October, but then fell ill. And given the current uncertainty and large scale change that DDE is going through, I thought it prudent to wait until the effects of these changes are more clear, so that I can post financial statements that reflect the new reality of DDE, rather than the old reality. I think this is the only responsible way to give potential investors an honest and clear picture of the company. However, within a couple of weeks, this new reality should be much clearer - so watch for DDE to make a formal application to ISE for listing in November.

To all my shareholders - I want to thank you for your patience and continued confidence. I know that the last few months have been difficult, but I will continue to work hard for your interests and to ensure that DDE remains a solid and ethical business. Please feel free to continue to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

September Update for DDE

Hi all,
I know it has been a while since my last update, so I wanted to provide some details about how business is going for DDE in September. First, the numbers, so far for September:

DDE Financial Summary, Sept 28, 2008, month to date
Revenues: 2,666,189L
Expenses: 2,711,848L
Profit: (45,659)

Cash: 1,078,599
Sims held, regular: 17
Occupancy, regular: 82%
Sims held, Openspace: 34
Occupancy, Openspace: 92%
Mainland tier level: 2 sims

Short Term Obligations (next month's tier): 2,268,200L
Long Term Debt: 0

I am confident that by month's end, revenues will have exceeded expenses by a slim margin, but DDE remains essentially in a break-even position for the month of September. I am in the process of divesting myself of two sims that have not proven profitable over the last few months, and will not be expanding Openspace sims any longer, without a significant advance rent payment.

It is unlikely that I will be able to provide a dividend for the month of September, as I have not yet been able to save enough ongoing cash to cover a full month's tier. I am hopeful that with a new, slightly smaller DDE, occupancy will rise and I will be able to provide a dividend again in October. I will wait until month end before making a final decision.

As i have discussed a number of times, I am likely going to relist on the International Stock Exchange in the near future, pending a vote by the members of that exchange, in order to allow shareholders to have flexibility to buy/sell shares in the new reality of the land market in Second Life. At this point, I do not foresee having the ability to do significant buybacks of shares in the next few months, since business has been so lackluster.

Please feel free to contact me any time with your questions, comments, or concerns.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DDE and General Update

Hello to all :-)

Well, the summer has whizzed by quickly this year with lots to keep me busy in the last couple of months. I apologize for not providing more frequent updates on the operations of DDE. We seem to have entered somewhat of a holding pattern, which I guess is the good news. Unfortunately, we seem to be holding close to a "break-even" position.

The problems with sim occupancy that first began in May, when Linden Research retooled Openspace sims to make them more attractive, and then filled an unprecedented number of island requests - has resulted in what I think is a permanent change in the land business in SL. Many of my clients who rented large parcels on regular sims either left for their own Openspace sim, or converted to one within Delicious Estates. As a result - the number of Openspaces has continued to grwo as I have purchased a few and converted two regular sims to Openspaces. At this point, DDE holds 18 regular sims and 30 Openspace sims. the regular sims are not doing particularly well, with at least four of them being more than half empty.

All in all, occupancy levels have remained pretty constant at this new lower level over the last two months, and try as I might, I do not seem to be able to fill them. So, I am trying to consolidate by moving some tenants to new sims and converting the empty sim to Openspaces.

For the month of July, DDE came perilously close to not being able to meet tier payments for the month - at the end of the month, profits for DDE dropped to less than 100,000L from what was typically 500,000L - 600,000L per month before May. August is going the same way - and I am expecting to be able to meet tier payments - just. Obviously, I will not be collecting a salary as I had planned for July or August. Sigh...

I still hold out some hope that in September, business will pick up as people return from their vacation, but SL concurrent user levels have not dipped dramatically this summer, so I am not sure how realistic this is. Nevertheless, I will continue to try to take whatever steps I can to turn things around and get back to the levels of profitability that we enjoyed a few months ago.

Longer term, I am still convinced that the land business, as it is currently understood, will continue to change, and that Linden Research will reduce the profitability for "land barons" by offering new products, opening up ownership of Openspaces, etc... DDE will need to be flexible and proactive in order to survive, and I continue to consider new lines of business, and new angles on the land business. I will keep you all appraised.

As you know, we decided on a dividend holiday until September, so that DDE could build up cash reserves as a contingency. so far, I have not been able to build up significant cash reserves, since I am only just covering tier. however, a decision on dividends for September won't be made until the middle of that month.

I have received a number of requests to sell shareholder shares in the last few weeks - which has led me to start considering relisting DDE on an exchange in order to allow people the flexibility to sell shares when they wish to. Given the poor performance of the business in the last few months, and the uncertainty of the future, I think it is only fair that shareholders have the ability to let the market decide the share price, and to trade shares. With low profits, I will not be in a position to personally buy many shares, and the effort required to match buyers and sellers manually is currently beyond my capacity.

When I asked shareholders for their thoughts on relisting, I got general support, certainly well more than 50% of shares that responded were in favour of it (excluding my own shares) - so I will make a decision on relisting shortly and let everyone know. As I have mentioned in the past, the most likely exchange for me to relist on the the International Stock Exchange (ISE)

I wish the news was better, but things could be worse. DDE is still viable, and the existing tenant base is quite solid and loyal, and our reputation for ethics and honest dealings remains strong. As always, please feel free to leave your comments, or to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


EDITED to add: Check out Travis Ristow's new business rating site - I have listed DDE there, and your honest feedback would be most appreciated. Also, feel free to leave a comment about our favorite colleague - the World Stock Exchange...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Important message to all DDE shareholders

Important message to all DDE shareholders:

I have thought long and hard about this, and i have decided that I do not want Delicious Demar Enterprises to be associated with the World Stock Exchange in any way whatsoever. I consider the actions taken by the WSE in relation to DDE and me personally to be a declaration of war, and will act accordingly.

As a result, I have decided to remove all shares from individuals that have accounts on the WSE, are part of the WSE Facebook group, or have made any statements in public that in my opinion support the WSE.

This will be done at my sole discretion. I have already gained access to membership lists, and have compiled a list of avatars that are known WSE co-conspirators, and will be seizing their shares over the next few days. As it turns out, most of my existing shareholders are still using the WSE, in spite of the unethical actions of its owner and operator, Luke Connell. As a result, almost all shares in DDE will revert to me, and I will buy out the few remaining shareholders and go my own way.

I know that some of you might find this unfair, but I cannot have the reputation and future prospects of DDE undermined by undesirable influences. I consider WSE and anyone associated with it to be such. In the end, the shares you all "own" are valueless anyway - Lindens are not a real currency, and any contract entered into by me and my shareholders through the WSE would be subject to the Terms of Service of the WSE at the time, which clearly states that trading on that platform is only a game, and that shares have no real value.

It could be argued, that since DDE delisted from the WSE, any and all obligations to shareholders ended at that time, and I have only been following the course i have chosen out of a misguided sense of loyalty to the people that invested in DDE's growth and development. In fact, there is no obligation, based on the ToS of both the WSE and Second Life. You gave your money to the WSE - and thereby to me. I never promised any returns on your investment, so I feel completely justified in my actions.

Ok. I'm kidding.

But hopefully you all get the point...


Monday, August 4, 2008

WSE Account locked - assets frozen or gone

Well, the WSE did open again. Of course, in the last few days I have made a few posts that have been critical of the WSE, in an effort to get people to think twice before throwing money into it, hoping to cash in.

So, I went to the newly opened website, and tried to log in. No luck. I went to Hope Capital Island and tried to reset my password - but the ATM would not reset it. I found out that people who had provided an email to the WSE already had their account keyed to that email, so I went to the webpage and asked for my password to be reset, and sent to me.

I was surprised when in fact a new password arrived a few seconds later! So, I went onto the site and logged in, only to receive the following message:

"Your account has been locked by an admin"

Luke Connell is, of course, the admin. So, apparently he has locked my account.

Now, to DDE shareholders - I had more than 234,000L in cash in my WSE account - I had deposited it there a few days before the closure, in order to pay dividends for the next month or so. I also held shares in a number of companies at that time - including a whopping 11,000,000+ shares of WTF, and some of HCL, and a couple other companies.

So, by locking my account, Luke has frozen assets that belong to YOU.

I hope you all know that I try to place my ethics before everything else in whatever I do, and I stand by my reputation as an honorable and fair business woman. I have, as far as I know, never stolen anything from anybody. I have been fair and generous whenever I could, wanting to reward you all for placing your faith in me and in DDE.

So, it is particularly galling to me that the WSE, the vehicle that brought us all together, as it were, is now turning around and fucking me. And not in the nice way. The worst part of it all, is that I am not surprised at all - since I did decide to finally speak out. But that doesn't make it RIGHT!

And, it is all because I have an opinion that isn't popular with the owner of the WSE - i.e. that it is a highly risky endeavour, and the owner has shown himself to be without honour. In his megalomaniacal mind, that justifies the theft of OUR assets.

So, I hope that DDE investors will be outraged by this. I hope that they will make their outrage known in a tangible way. I hope that Luke will reach deep down inside and find an ounce of decency to do the right thing and stop stealing from people that are critical of him.

I will not stoop to making meaningless threats. I have contacted Luke and asked him to return the cash that was in my account, and depending on his response, or lack thereof, will take whatever steps I think are appropriate.

I know that others like Casper and Spontaneous (and more) have been through the same thing - and with many more assets to lose - so I don't want to be a prima donna about it. Suffice it to say that what Luke has done, again, is just plain wrong, and right-minded people cannot continue to suffer his unethical and arbitrary actions.


Monday, July 28, 2008

A Word of Warning about the WSE

With the WSE set to reopen in a few days (I am officially holding my breath...), I have started to make a few posts on relevant forums about my thoughts on the WSE and its impending reopening. The following has been posted on both Your2ndPlace as a comment to a Konner McDonnell post, and on the SL Exchange forums...

Do with it what you will... Comments are welcome.

I say the following somewhat sheepishly - I was one of the business owners that was listed on the WSE for a year until March of this year, and while I was listed there, I was a supporter of the exchange and what it was trying to accomplish. My own experience there was overall a good one - I was able to use the exchange the way it had been intended - to raise money to expand my business, and was always able to provide an excellent return to investors. But I have to say, that I now regret ever having my name associated with the WSE, and in particular the owner, Luke Connell. I delisted in March and have been dealing with the investors privately, and it has all worked out well - the transition was a good one, and the people who invested in my company are being treated well and seem satisfied.

I saw some of the shenanigans going on around me with other companies and with the owner of the WSE, but (I am somewhat ashamed to say) was willing to turn a blind eye to them because they did not affect my company directly, and because as I say, there WERE some good honest people there.

I think we have to be careful to separate the owner of the WSE from the businesses that were, and still are, listed there - some of which are operated by some wonderful, establishes, respectable people.

In February of this year, in response to the decision by the WSE to do away with Lindens and implement their own currency, and in light of the terrible lack of communication that was forthcoming from Luke about his plans and the fate of the WSE, another biz-owner and I organized a meeting of a number of listed company "CEO's", to discuss the issues and present a united front to Luke about our concerns. We had one meeting during which we aired our concerns to each other, and a number of CEO's (myself among them) stated their intention to have some kind of answer from Luke about his plans, or to take further action to protect themselves and their companies.

Within a matter of hours, the transcript of this meeting was sent to Luke, (must have been by one of the participants...) and within a few days, a number of companies were involuntarily delisted, and their assets (cash and shares in other companies) were confiscated by the WSE. Their accounts were locked (as was mine for a time), and they were not even provided with a list of shareholders from which to work. Millions of Lindens worth of assets changed hands from the company CEO's to Luke.

My company was left alone - and I am just cynical enough to believe that it was because it had only modest assets that could be seized - all of my land was of course owned by my account, not the WSE. It may have just been because I was less mercurial than some and chose my words more carefully. I had a long discussion with Luke about the WSE and his plans, and in the end, I decided that I simply could not continue to participate in an organization that took these kinds of dictatorial and arbitrary actions.

I have always been careful about what I have said publicly about the WSE, both because there ARE still people I count as friends running companies there, and because I personally had over a million Lindens tied up in the WSE when it closed in January - a large chunk of cash i was planning to use for dividends, and a number of shares in companies there. Luke has a long history of simply canceling accounts and taking the assets in it if people speak out against the WSE - so I have had to be careful what I say.

But, I simply can't stand by and watch people get set to throw their money back into the WSE. It is likely that if I speak out, I will lose whatever I have in there - but at this point, I am not sure that it is ever going to be possible to get it out anyway, and frankly, I am willing to take the loss if it prevents other people from investing any serious money there. There is simply no way that Luke could open the WSE and afford to honor a cash-out of all the existing balances there. So I am assuming that there will be a period of moratorium on withdrawals (perhaps a couple of months), during which people can deposit money into their account, and trade with existing balances, but not take any out. I cannot believe that the WSE has any real money left after this long time, so that current balances are going to have to be covered by new deposits - which sounds a lot like a ponzi to me...

To echo the advice that has been given already by others - if you are planning to invest in the WSE, do it only as a game and not as an investment. There are no rules, no regulations, and to my mind, there is no honor at the WSE. Luke has a proven history of seizing other people's cash and other assets when he doesn't like what they have to say. I suspect that as a result of this post, and some others I intend to make, that I will suffer a similar fate soon.

If you want to put a few dollars into the WSE because the drama is funny, or you want to see how a mock market works, go for it. But if you are thinking that the WSE offers a realistic mechanism for making money on an investment, there is a long line of investors that have lost theirs shirts, waiting to disagree with you. There were a few people that have made money on the WSE, but I am convinced that it was mostly done with insider information, the use of alts to manipulate the market, and back-room deals.

So, yeah... I was one of WSE's biggest supporters for a long time, but it's time now, with the WSE set to reopen, to tell you all the hard (and somewhat humiliating) lessons that I learned on the inside.

The WSE is not to be trusted. If you are looking for a fast Linden, take your Lindens and put them in a Sploder - your chances of a return are much better.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reflections on the land business and relisting DDE: July 2008

For the last couple of months, I have been thinking a lot about the land business in Second Life, and have posted about it on several forums, as well as done a couple of posts here with some preliminary thoughts. Over that time, the number of empty plots on some of my sims has continued to increase. After a couple of messages yesterday from long term tenants that had decided to leave their land, I was disappointed to see several of my sims sitting more than half empty.

Normally, this would not be a huge reason for concern – it has happened before a couple of times that the normal turnover of land has resulted in more empty land than usual – but the difference this time is that the IM's coming in requesting land seem to have turned from a healthy stream to a sickly trickle, and I am at the point where I am considering some radical action. Every empty sim essentially makes two others unprofitable, since the profit from them has to go toward paying tier for the empty one. And more than this, when i visit friends and explore SL, there seems to be more and more empty land everywhere on private estates. To date, I have had some success in converting a couple of sims to Openspaces, which have been doing better, but I fear that the initial excitement about Openspaces has dampened, and the market has become flooded with other land owners trying to capitalize on this new market as well.

I have a few choices – I can try to sell off the empty sims, or in the worst case simply abandon them to LL if there are no prospective buyers. I can try a couple of different rental models over the next month to see if occupancy picks up. Or I can continue to pay tier on empty islands...

Linden Labs has already lowered the price of islands significantly, and has signaled their intent to lower them again in the future. I also think it is highly likely that they will open up the Openspace sims so that they can be purchased by anyone (at this point, you have to own at least one regular estate to be able to purchase an Openspace). Both of these will make it ever more difficult to keep land rented out. And significantly for land businesses that have investors and shareholders, the change in LL policy also means a change in the way I think about land – I can no longer afford to think of land as an asset since it now has very little real value on the market – I would be unlikely to be able to get more than $700 for an island on the market, and perhaps much less, since I suspect that there are more and more people who are being forced into a position to sell their islands because they cannot cover their tier.

I think the days of running a profitable land business the way I have done so for the last two years are coming to an end – it is only a matter of time before Linden Labs policies, the massive growth in the land mass without a corresponding increase in the population, and the poor US economy, are going to drive it into the ground. What I want to avoid is being one of the land owners who refuses to recognize this, and tries to hold onto what they have far too long, and thereby loses everything. There are some land owners who have catered to a specific theme and may be okay, but I have never done that – I have provided more flexibility on my land than most, but have not done a lot of themes and have rented land more as a commodity than anything else. What I don't know is how long it is going to take – whether it will be three months or a year, but my guess is that it will not be longer than that.

At this point it looks as though DDE is going to have to start downsizing, and unfortunately I don't expect a huge return from selling off islands – the prices are simply too low right now. The problem for my shareholders (and me) is that downsizing, while it reduces costs, also reduces potential revenues, and so the absolute amount of profit will decline, while the number of shares remains constant. If things go the way they have been going the last two months, I will have less and less profit left over for dividends and buybacks.

Which brings me to my conundrum. Because DDE is now a quasi-public company in which the share price has been established (by me), and because I do not have the expertise or time to be able to broker share sales from one investor to another, both investors and I are stuck in the current model. There is no way to let the market decide share value and provide an opportunity for shareholders to take these trends and act upon them. If I am right about the land business, then the engine that drives DDE will slowly become less and less able to provide returns and buybacks, and shareholders have no way out.

On the other hand, in light of the state of the land business, I would expect that the only outcome of relisting on another exchange, after perhaps an initial bubble of interest during which share prices might rise as new investors come on board, would be a gradual decrease in share price over time to reflect the changes in the land business and the scaling back of DDE operations.

Under the current model, I have assumed a disproportionate amount of the market risk. By guaranteeing share prices, I have no protection against a worsening of the market. On the other hand, I may have less and less cash available to honor those commitments, and the buyout of shares may take far longer than anticipated, or possibly even become impossible if things get very dire and DDE is unable to turn a profit at all.

As I hope you all know by now, I have always held the shareholders' interests above all, even above my own interests and my ability to make any money personally from SL. To date, in two years, i have never taken any money out of SL for myself, except early on to repay a modest amount that I invested into SL out of my pocket. In spite of the success of DDE, I have never profited personally from any of it. Any Lindens I have garnered from dividends or a salary have been put back into the company, either as a straight gift, or to buy shares from other shareholders to increase my ownership.

There was a time when I thought that eventually, I would have a nest egg that i owned completely, and that there might be a payday coming down the road. At this point, I am resigned to the belief that this will not occur – that the “assets” I thought we owned are actually not assets at all, and by the time I have managed to purchase the lion's share of DDE, it will be worth very little.

I don't have a big problem with that – doing business in Second Life was never about the money for me – it was about the challenge and the opportunity to learn and meet people – both of which I have done in abundance. So, in that spirit, the challenge now is to guide DDE through a difficult transition, and do so without putting my RL financial situation (which is precarious) in danger.

Rest assured, that I am not simply going to roll over and play dead. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve and will do all that I can to keep DDE profitable – I will enter new lines of business, i will adapt the land business to cater to different markets, and I will continue to work hard to make a go of it. But it is only fair that you all understand the road that we are on – it will not be an easy one.

Given the uncertainty of the land market right now, and the uncertain future of DDE, I think it would be unwise to pursue relisting on another exchange and the current time. However, the feedback I have received to date has been overwhelmingly in favour of relisting (with a couple of notable exceptions from major shareholders). Based on the feedback I have received in comments and IM's, well over ½ of the DDE shares (excluding mine) have spoken out in favour of relisting.

Which is why I have made this post. I am not going to do anything precipitously or quickly, and I wanted you all to know my thoughts about the future before we make any major decisions. What I propose is that we wait until at least the end of the summer, and see where we are in September, before making a decision on relisting. I hope that this meets with the approval of shareholders. I am not ruling the idea out, but I see no reason to fast-track it, especially considering that the liquidity on the exchanges right now seems to be at an all-time low.

Ok – time for a group hug! I will continue to rely on you all for advice and support as we move forward, and i will do a better job of posting my thoughts and progress as we move forward. As always, your comments are welcome, and I would even go so far as to say necessary – so please take the time to make your thoughts known to me and the other shareholders. By working together, we may yet beat the odds and pull DDE out of the fire!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Relisting Revisited, Shareholder meeting

I have had enough messages and comments from DDE shareholders about the possibility of relisting DDE, that I think it requires a more formal investigation. You all know by now my stance on stock exchanges in SL - I am dubious, and I have clearly state my intention to never relist on another exchange a number of times.

However, the adage for any good business has to be "adapt or die". This is particularly true right now, in my opinion, for the land business in Second Life. The future is not as certain as it was, and it seems clear that Linden Labs' intention is to continue to reduce the price of purchasing land going forward. Whether or not this will spell the end of the "land baron" as we understand it remains to be seen.

So, I wanted to lay out the pros and cons of relisting, as I understand them. Then, I will hold a shareholder meeting, and elicit comments from shareholders here, in the company group, and through personal IM's to the major shareholders. In the end, I am willing to be swayed by the will of the majority. In effect, i will be taking a "vote", although no formal mechanism exists for me to do so - there are few enough shareholders that it can be done relatively painlessly. If more than 50% of outstanding shares (not including my own - I will abstain from the vote) want DDE to relist, then I will seriously consider it and do some serious research about which exchange to approach. So you know, my initial "gut feeling" is to go with the International Stock Exchange (ISE). Although it is small, it has a good track record, and seems to be run honorably.

First, it makes sense to provide a brief company valuation. Before the change in Linden Labs pricing, the Net Asset Value per Share for DDE was between 3L and 4L per share, depending on land prices. Under the current LL pricing model, the NAVPS is more on the order of 1.5L - 2L per share, with a liquidation value considerable lower. And there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not land can even be considered an asset. If not, then DDE in fact has very few assets at all.

However, the profit model is strong. Revenues are in the 3,000,000L per month range, with costs about $2,400,000, yielding profits of about $600k per month, or about 0.13L per share per month. Dividends have typically been (and will continue to be after September) at least 0.1L per share per month - so the annual yield on shares from dividends alone is about 30%-40% on a share price of 3L per share.

The Pros
I think Vitall beck has outlined the main potential benefits of relisting:
1. The market determines share price: philosophically - I think this is best. The current plan is set, and while it provides a good return for investors, it does not take into account the effect of any factors which change the value of DDE, for better or for worse. A free market would allow the investors to determine the price of DDE shares, based on the best available information, without the heavy hand of Big Brother (or Big Sister in my case) steering the ship so directly. Now, it has to be recognized that this is a double-edged sword - it may mean higher prices for the stock (which is good for existing shareholders), but it may also mean lower prices, especially if the land business becomes more difficult.

2. Liquidity: if DDE relists, shareholders can buy and sell stocks as they wish. This would both allow new investors to buy in, and allow current shareholders to sell their shares when they wish at market prices. Under the current system, I don't really have the ability to allow shareholders to sell off - i simply don't have the time or infrastructure to become a trading platform.

3. No mandatory buybacks. At this point, I have put in place what i consider a fair plan for buybacks over the next year or so at established prices - which is not optional. If DDE relisted, these would obviously cease - shareholders would not be required to sell me any shares, and buybacks could be done at market value with whatever cash was available (starting in September). This would serve to help keep the share price reasonable. If investors know that I will be buying back shares every month, the share price would be more stable.

The Cons
1. Higher risk. Under the current plan, investors know pretty much exactly what they are going to get. over the next year or more, their shares will be bought back at preset, increasing prices which will offer a decent profit for most shareholders. If DDE relists, there is no way to know whether the price will rise or drop.

2. Lack of liquidity and consistency in the exchanges. The stock exchanges in SL are all suffering from a lack of liquidity, which makes it difficult for investors to get good value for large investments. Although DDE has been successful in the past at attracting investors, there is no certainty that this will continue. And more fundamentally, the share price of companies on the exchanges seems at times almost random - many companies are either radically undervalued or overvalued based on their published financials, and at times there seem no rhyme or reason to it. Prices are subject to "gaming" by a relatively small number of investors under some circumstances.

3. Guilt by association. this is a bit more nebulous, but as you all know by now, I am not happy with the lack of regulation on the exchanges, and have been appalled at the actions of many of the exchange operators and CEO's running companies on them. By listing DDE on any of them, I am essentially buying into at least one exchange's behaviour and am aligning myself at least to some degree with the exchange and the companies on it. I have a fierce sense of loyalty when i get involved in something, and would feel honor bound to support the exchange as much as my own ethics would permit. It was in the end a conflict between my loyalty and my ethics that led me to delist from the WSE in the first place.

So - there you have it. I would be interested in your thoughts on the matter, and will actively pursue them. Comments on the blog would be helpful, so that everyone can see your thoughts, but I will also post to the group, and will contact the top 20 or so investors personally to solicit feedback. In addition, i will hold a shareholder meeting in the near future (thinking next Saturday at 3pm SL time at this point).

Please note - I am making no promises one way or the other, but I need to know what the will of my investors is so that I can make my decisions in their best interests - so please provide me with some feedback. And if you do comment on the blog, please identify yourself - an anonymous comment is the same as no comment at all...


Friday, July 11, 2008

Looking Forward for DDE

Happy summer to all! :-)

I have been relaxing on vacation for the last week, and it has given me some time to reflect on my SL business and put some thought into what the future holds for DDE. Since the delisting from WSE in March, things have been moving forward well. I wouldn't say that business is booming - it has been a difficult couple of months for the land biz in general - but things are consistent. Occupancy of the sims has dropped somewhat as I have mentioned before, but is still high enough to return a consistent profit. The Openspace sims are doing well.

As you all know, when I delisted from the WSE, it was with the intention of winding down DDE and eventually getting out of the land biz. A month later, though, Linden Labs announced new land prices, effectively reducing my assets by 40%, which made selling DDE a lot less desirable. however, the time pressures that made me want to wind down in the first place, are still there, and I am finding it more and more difficult to devote the time necessary to run DDE effectively. Nevertheless, since March, DDE has actually expanded to take advantage of the new Opensapce market, buying new sims for clients as they are needed, and when cash was available.

I have always only kep a modest cash reserve, enough to cover about half of my monthly tier at any one time - because it always made sense to me to put the money to work instead of holding it as a cash balance. Right now, DDE has enough cash on hand to pay about half of its monthly tier (which is approaching $8,000 USD per month). As you all know, DDE has been able to continue to provide dividends to shareholders and I have been able to buy back shares with my own money as we have gone along. The ultimate aim of this was to be the sole owner of DDE (eventually), and then consider my options.

Recently, I have begun to have some concerns about the land business in SL - I am hearing from many land owners that renters are harder to find, and I am not sure of the direction Linden Labs is planning to take into the future. I am worried that keeping such a low cash reserve is dangerous - if I were to lose a significant number of renters one month, I would be in danger of defaulting on tier payments, without enough time to sell off assets if it became necessary. In addition, I have lost out on a couple of opportunities to buy inexpensive sims (from some of these same land owners who are selling off to cover tier).

I know that DDE has been consistent in providing dividends every month since it first went public about 15 months ago - for a long time we provided weekly dividends, and have probably provided more 1.5L per share in dividends over that time. I have always wanted, and continue to want, to share the bounty of whatever success I have with investors. However, I think it would be prudent at this point, given my concerns, to retain a larger cash reserve for a "rainy day", or to position DDE to take advantage of opportunities that become available in the next six months.

So, I am proposing a three month "dividend holiday" for June, July, and August, during which no dividends would be distributed. I may still do limited buybacks of shares with my salary, if profits warrant a salary. This would give DDE a chance to increase cash reserves and maintain a more conservative financial position, and to address my own level of anxiety.

It's difficult for me to even propose this - I have always taken pride in our unbroken track record. However, after much thought, I am convinced that it is the prudent approach given the current state of affairs.

Since I don't really have a mechanism for "voting", I am going to assume that my shareholders will trust me to do what I think is best, unless I receive an outpouring of concern from them. If that happens, I will rethink my position and continue to communicate.

As always, please feel free to IM me, or leave a comment here with your questions, comments, or concerns.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

June Dividends and Buybacks coming!

Hi all,
I am just taking a few days vacation - wooot! However, I have the final June numbers ready, and will be completing the dividend and buybacks in the next few days.
During the month of June, I did buy a few new Openspace sims - they are doing very well, so I have expanded when a client has wanted a sim but I have had none available. So, as of the end of June, DDE now has 19 regular islands, and 25 Openspace sims. Occupancy levels on the regular sims are not yet what they were in the spring - but the Openspaces are all full but one.
June was overall a good month, but I did use some funds for the expansion.

I am expecting to provide dividends of between 0.075L and 0.1L per share this month. I have taken the monthly salary this month (250k) - and will be using my salary and dividends to buy shares for myself.

What I am proposing for this month is to buy back as many of the shares of one large investor that is trying to sell out - and not buy back shares from anyone else. So, for most of you, your share totals will remain unchanged this month.

Please contact me if you want to get some additional shares from the individual that is selling off.

If you were counting on the buybacks for a little extra cash - please let me know as soon as possible - but remember, as of July, share buy back prices increase from 2.50L to 2.75L per share - so waiting will get you a little extra in future buybacks.

And remember - if you have any land needs - please contact me - it's good for both of us ;-).

As always, please contact me with questions, comments, or concerns, or leave a comment here on the blog.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Update: Summer is Here! DDE relisting???

Hello world :-)

Well, I know I haven't been blogging very much in the last couple of months, but RL has been occupying far too large a part of my life. I got a new job, and the hours are a little insane - but it's all good.

Of course, as a result, my time in Second Life has been somewhat limited, but the business is set up to run pretty automatically now and only requires ongoing maintenance, so it has not been a big problem. Business has been... not bad. The decrease in occupancy that we saw in May on the sims has improved somewhat, but it still is not back to the levels it was before then. Nevertheless, DDE remains a going concern and profitable, and I am expecting typical dividends for June (0.1L per share). We will have to see the final June numbers before a buyback can be considered. All in all, I am happy with our performance, and I think we will be able to weather the typical summer slowdown with no problems.

Ok. So. I have been asked by a few people in recent weeks whether or not I would ever consider relisting DDE on another SL stock exchange. Things seem to be working well with DDE being run independently, although it is quite a bit of work at month end to get everything figured out and dividends paid. But it is probably not more work that CEO's on the exchanges these days have to put in to post their financials every month.

My answer has always been the same - that I have no intentions of relisting after my experiences on the WSE.

However, I want to be open to your opinions on the subject. I know that for some people, being unable to cash out or to trade shares is annoying. On the other hand, you have a pretty guaranteed return on your investment, and you know the price at which your shares are going to be bought. Were DDE to relist on another exchange, I cannot say what would happen to the share price - it is simply unknown. From my observations, share prices on SL exchanges rarely reflect real assets, or even company performance. It has also been my observation that land companies in particular seem to trade below their net asset value per share.

So, I guess what I am saying is that I am open to talking about it - although it would require some convincing. I would be interested in your opinions about whether or not to relist, and what exchanges you think are worth looking at, and why. Please leave a comment here or contact me inworld - if i don't get a lot of comments, i will simply assume there is not a lot of interest...

And as always, please feel free to contact me inworld with any questions, comments, or concerns. Or just to say hi!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

May Dividend and Buyback Complete

The dividend and buyback transactions for May are complete. In total, I disbursed 563,253L to shareholders (including 443,244L in dividends representing a 0.1L per share dividend payment for the month).

Details can be found on the DDE webpage . Links to all past announcements, transaction details, and other information will be available there. You should already have received your payment inworld.

In the end, i decided to do a limited buyback of 50,000 shares, in addition to the regular dividend payment. A continued thanks to all DDE investors.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Update on May Dividends

Just wanted to provide a quick update on dividends for May. I should be finalizing the may numbers tomorrow, and posting the dividends at that time. All in all, May was a medium month - I lost a lot of renters, but found some new ones. Occupancy levels are still lower than I am comfortable with, but they seem to reflect the pattern I have heard all over SL in the last six weeks that business all over is slow.

Nevertheless, i will be able to provide a decent dividend (at this point it looks like a 0.1L per share dividend). In order to be able to afford it, i will not be collecting my own salary this month.

At this point I am still deciding whether or not to do any buybacks - I probably have enough personal cash to do some, but I am worried about the tenuous state of the SL economy, and so am thinking about building up a reserve to ensure that tier is covered on all islands for more than a month at all times - so I am probably going to throw my cash into the kitty. In addition, the juicy prices of mainland (for buyers that is) are tempting me more and more to get back into the mainland rental business - since the buy-in cost is so low now and it does provide a cheaper alternative for residents on a strict budget.

Operationally, I still seem to be unable to stop growing! In May, i did purchase a few more Openspace sims, which seem to be doing very well. By the end of June, DDE should have almost 20 Openspace sims and 19 or 20 regular islands. Things are running smoothly, although the continuing database problems in SL have certainly made many of the tenants grumpy.

More soon!


Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's with the Voice Requests??

Ok, so apologies in advance to a couple of people that are going to be quite offended by this - but it isn't really aimed at you.

What's with the voice requests??

I have blogged a few times before about my reticence to get any more involved in SL than I am already - especially on an emotional level. In the last few weeks, I have had a dozen people ask me to get onto voice with them - either in SL or on Skype or whatever - and so far I have always said no. I have tried the SL Voice feature a few times, and it really irritates me - so I am already predisposed to dislike it. I also have to run a viewer that is pre-voice, since it seems to be the only one that my graphics card doesn't bork on.

But regardless - the requests are usually not for business reasons - which i might consider - but are more on the level of getting to know each other better, flirting more quickly, or out-and-out requests for phone sex. Uhmmm... word to the wise - if i wanted to be on voice with you - I already would be!

That might be a bit unfair - and a couple of people will doubtless be seriously offended at my arrogance at assuming that they are hitting on me - and in fairness - some of them are not at all.

What pisses me off more than anything is the response I get sometimes that I "must be a man" because I won't go on voice. Frankly, if that is what you think, why the heck are you flirting with me in the first place - and sometimes even continue after I have said no??

The last person that asked me was not at all slimy about it - it was a very civil and platonic request, and I started giving all the reasons I could think of why I just couldn't. He very rightly pointed out to me that all that was basically bullshit - if I didn't want to, why didn't I just say that??

He was right - I just don't wanna! In the end my reasons are my own - irrational or stupid as they might be - but if they aren't good enough, feel free to speculate that it might be one or more of the following:
1. I really am a man.
2. I am a 13 year-old girl.
3. I am an 83 year-old woman
4. I have a horrible speech impediment.
5. I hate my voice.
6. I hate being hit on in general and can only just manage to handle it in text, cuz really, it isn't cute at all - just annoying.
7. People are usually a lot less interesting / a lot more irritating in voice than in text.
8. I like to keep a record of all my conversations in SL because i have a terrible memory and need to have something to refer to.
9. I just don't wanna. really.

Okies - sorry for the rant, but it's 8:30, and i don't have nearly enough caffeine in my system yet...


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shares on the table!

Hi all,
one of my large investors has let me know that he would like to sell his shares - and he has almost 280,000 of them!.

If you are interested in picking some up, please let me know. I'd like to sell all of them to as few investors if possible - so please only contact me if you are willing to buy a large amount - say 50k shares. I will broker a price (with strict confidentiality on both sides) and manage the transaction. I'll only take a small commission - say 10%. hehehe.

Just kidding!

I am sad to see him go - he has been a wonderful source of advice over the last year - and has been totally supportive of DDE since its humble beginnings... mwah!


Friday, May 23, 2008

DDE Update

Hi all :-). I just wanted to provide a brief update on operations over the last few weeks. The dividend and buyback for April went ahead with only a few glitches - relatively smoothly all things considered...

Business in the last six weeks has been slower than normal - the number of unrented plots on DDE sims is higher than usual, but I have begun to advertise recently (something I haven't had to do in almost a year!), and I am hoping to be back up to normal occupancy levels soon. The Openspace sims have been doing well - so when one of my regular sims was vacated, I put in a ticket to convert it to 4 Openspaces - and have been waiting a couple of weeks for the Lindens to complete the ticket - a measure I think of how many land orders they have received recently. Of course, this has resulted in half a month of no rental income on this sim in addition to the low occupancy.

As a result - revenues for May are expected to be less than usual - and although DDE is still nicely profitable, I am going to start setting aside some cash every week to ensure that if things get worse in the market, i will have sufficient cash to cover tier for at least a month at all times. Given that the monthly tier level for DDE is approximately 2m Lindens - this will be a drain on liquidity.

I am going to wait until the final May numbers are in before making a decision, but it is possible that in May there will be no share buybacks - although I am still expecting a regular dividend payment. Again depending on the final May numbers, I may forego or significantly reduce my salary for May and contribute it to the dividend payment. I want to make sure that you are all taken care of.

The effect of this is in some ways beneficial to shareholders, since it removes one month of buybacks at the lowest price (2.50L per share) - I will stick to the schedule I have published and share buybacks will increase to 2.75L per share in July as promised.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this plan.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Dividend and Buyback Complete

As of yesterday, May 11, 2008, the dividend and buyback transactions for April are complete. In total, I disbursed 841,103L to shareholders (including 443,244L in dividends). Details can be found on the new DDE webpage (ok it's pretty rudimentary - but I have never done it before! lol). Links to all past announcements, transaction details, and other information will be available there.

So... It was the middle of the night, and I made an error while doing some of the payouts... fortunately, I started at the bottom of the list - but as I was doing the first dozen payouts, I was reading from the wrong column in my handy spreadsheet...sigh. So, instead of paying the first dozen shareholders the correct amount, I paid them Lindens equivalent to the number of shares that they owned - which was a far higher amount.

Rather than contact each of them individually, I decided to reduce their shares at 2.50L per share for the amount overpaid. I have made a note of these transactions in the list of buybacks, and if anyone that was overpaid wishes to correct the error (rather than keep the Lindens), they can contact me inworld and I will make the correction. Otherwise I will assume that they are content with taking the cash.

I felt quite stupid when I realized (thanks to Andy Grant for contacting me right away and pointing out the error!). But it is one of the hazards of trying to do all this manually - I am learning as I go and am subject to some serious blond moments. however, rest assured that errors on my part are not malicious - just the pitfalls of being a relative noob at this. As time goes on, I will streamline the process and hopefully there won't be any more mistakes. My apologies to the people that got too many Lindens (lol). As I say, if you want to have the error corrected, simply send me an IM to that effect.

One other item - since SL is such a transient place, I checked into each user's status before I made the payments, and decided that for anyone that has not logged into SL in 60 days, I would withhold payment at this time. My reasoning is that I have no desire to distribute Lindens to an account that is no longer active. Some accounts appear to have been deleted, and others have had no activity - some for up to six months. These are listed as "Pending" in the details of the dividend buyback. I am keeping track of all payments due to any of these individuals, and will make good on them if I am contacted inworld by any of them. So, if any of you know of the whereabouts of any of the individuals listed, please let them know. I will not make payments to a third party on their behalf. Eventually, I will reclaim the shares of anyone whose account is in defauly, or has shown no activity in a significant amount of time (I am thinking 6 months).

I wanted to provide an update on the business. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have expanded somewhat recently, but the last couple of weeks have been a bit difficult. A number of large renters have left, and occupancy has dropped to about 87% accross all the sims. DDE is still very profitable, and I will be working hard to get everything rented out as soon as possible, but having empty parcels for a few weeks WILL have an impact on profitability for May. I will keep you all posted as things develop.

Finally, I wanted to say a word of thanks to all of you - your continued expressions of support mean the world to me and I could not have achieved anything in DDE without your support, advice, encouragement, and motivation. RL has been incredibly busy the last month or so, and at times it has been difficult to find the time (and the motivation) to get onto SL and take care of business. But when I receive a quick note of encouragement from one of you, it makes it much easier - I realize that I am working for all of us, and as you know that is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

As always, comments, concerns, questions are all encouraged - leave them here or contact me inworld.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

DDE Update: Dividend and Buyback Announcement

Greetings to all Delicious Demar Enterprises (DDE) shareholders :-)

I know it has been a while since I provided an update, but RL commitments (a new job - yay!) have left me with little time the last month to spend in SL - I have spent what time I do have managing the business and trying to keep the sims all full.

Occupancy is down a little bit from previous months, due in all likelihood to the new island prices (making them more affordable than ever, and leading to some potential renters deciding to buy instead), and to the general slowdown in the US economy - I suspect people there just have less money to spend than ever. Nevertheless, occupancy still remains at 95% and I am working hard as always to rent out whatever parcels become available.

So... As you all know, I have made my intentions to slowly get out of the land biz and wind down DDE quite clear, but recent developments in SL have forced me to reconsider the speed and timing of my actions. Two recent changes by Linden Labs have actually made me decide not only to slow down the wind-down, but in fact have convinced me to expand in a limited way over the last six weeks. First, the change in the land prices makes purchasing islands now easier - they cost 40% less than a month ago - but rent is unaffected because it is tied to tier levels, which have not changed.

Second, the doubling of prims on the Openspace sims (a full island in size, but now with 3750 prims) have made them quite desirable in the marketplace.

As a result, instead of starting to sell off islands and wind down, I have in fact purchased one full sim and 7 Openspace sims recently - all of which are full (I am still waiting for delivery of two - but they are both spoken for...). Because of the timing of the purchase, I received two "free" openspace sims, as per the Lindens policy during the changing of prices, and now have a healthy number of sims to work with, when all is said and done:

Total regular sims: 21 (up from 20)
Total Openspace sims: 12 (up from 3)

In order to purchase the sims, I had to use whatever working capital I had on hand, but operating profits have been on par with previous months regardless. Therefore I am going to be paying a dividend of 0.1L per share immediately (watch for the transaction inworld over the next couple of days), and will be using my salary and portion of dividends to do a buyback of 150,000 shares, prorated across all shareholders using the percentage of shares owned. In total, I will be disbursing more than 700,000L in dividends and buybacks.

I will be providing more detailed financials in the coming days, but DDE posted a profit of slightly over 450,000L on revenues of almost 3,000,000L in April. As I have mentioned in previous posts, this is net of the salary I am collecting of 250,000L per month - which will be used with my portion of the dividends to buy back shares.

Hope you are all keeping well - as usual I welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions here, or inworld.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reflections on a Second Life®: Part 1

The last few posts I have made have been a little negative (aside from the posts related to the land biz - which, of course, are all business - hehe). The last few weeks have been pretty emotional - I have been holding on to a lot of thoughts and feelings about SL - and have been having that familiar cringing feeling when I look at the Second Life icon on my desktop - a feeling in my gut that makes me want to do ANYTHING rather than log onto SL. I get like that sometimes, when I start feeling SL pressure in RL. I suppose it is fortunate, therefore, that SL has been totally borked! lmfao. i have had serious issues with the new viewer and my video card to the point where I couldn't log in at all. But that is all resolved now - so I no longer have any excuses! There are a few parcels that need renting! A few rent boxes that need fixing! And about 100 IM's that need answering! lol

In the flurry if activity recently - I almost forgot that I passed a milestone in March - my second rezday was (I think...) on March 18 - marking two years in SL. I had some time recently to think back on the two years I have been on SL, and took a look through some old chat logs and messages from "back in the day". It has been quite a ride! I should warn you that I make some pretty frank and honest admissions in this blog. I suspect that they will make some people think less of me. /me shrugs. I am who I am - whether i tell YOU about it or not... lol Keeping it to myself doesn't change anything. I should also warn you that it is waaayyy long. My apologies. As Mark Twain once said, "I would have made it shorter, but I didn't have enough time."

When I first started SL - on my first day - I met some wonderful people - a RL friend of mine (thRob Heart in SL) had been on for a few months, and showed me the "game" one day - and brought me into his little circle of friends - TLC Heart is the one I remember best, the crew from Nude West, and Victor Suntzu (who I still call "suga daddy" - hehehe). They were so amazing - gave of their time, and Lindens for that matter - trying to un-noob me and show me the ropes quickly. I took to Second Life instantly - I was simply awed at the potential and the exciting new things I was learning every day. Having tried a bunch of other worlds/games (IMVU, There, Active Worlds, Socio, WoW), SL was by far and away the best for me. Of course, at the beginning, I didn't really know how to do anything - lol - so I went to a few clubs that they had shown me, or I found myself - I still remember Topless Tuesdays at Nude West and going to the Angry Ant ALL the time because i just loved the music there! wooooooot!! HOoooooooowwwWLL!! I was in awe of Sarah Nerd - she didn't know who I was of course - but I thought she was the essence of SL cool, and ended up being one of my role models (unbeknownst to her) when I got into the land biz - but more on that later... I loved the dancing animations and gestures (Me so horny!), the chat flying back and forth - it was a free and fun time for sure and I got totally addicted to SL within about 2 days.

On my second day there - I met a wonderful woman named Anna Andalso - who remains to this day about my best friend in SL - even though i know I don't really have time to be a good friend these days (sorry, kitten...). Anna was sweet, and clever, and shocked me utterly when she asked me to be her "Mistress" on about day 3 in SL. Of course, I had only a really vague notion of what this meant - the farthest I had ever gone with pain/bondage in RL was little melted wax and some handcuffs - hahaha. But I was intrigued at the idea - and of course did what i always did - I researched it! I learned a lot about Dom/sub, BDSM, and power transfer and all that and decided it might be fun to try! So, Anna became my kitten (=^.^=) and we had a great time. It didn't last too long, because we decided to partner a few weeks later - and I wasn't really very good at it - but it was a blast! After that, Anna and I were together for about 9 months, all in all, before we decided to go our own ways - but we have always remained close and she is one of the very few people in SL that I trust utterly. Of course, as with any relationship that ends - it was bittersweet - but it was a wonderful time, and holds some of my dearest SL memories.

I said that I loved dancing and chatting in clubs when I first started - which is true - I loved it for about two weeks! Then, I started to look around for something to DO in SL. I tend to get bored easily... At about this time - I also discovered the wonderful world of.... SLex! I think I was fully outfitted with XCite bits within a week.

I have a confession to make. I totally LOVED cybering in Second Life back then! hahaha I immersed myself in it!! Truth be told - I was quite the little hussy. By nature, I am a pretty free spirit to begin with - and am willing to try just about anything. This was great - I could explore things that I didn't have the courage or the stomach (or simply the physical ability!) to try in RL, without any of the risks! So, ok, I admit it - the first few months I was in Second Life - I was a horny bitch! hahaha. (Apologies to all my shareholders that have always thought of me as the essence of professionalism - ahem). It seems a bit funny (as in odd, and possibly a bit pathetic...) looking back on it, but at the time, SL was simply electric for me - I was in a constant state of, ermm, being "aware of myself". Not that I threw myself at anyone I met (that came later - see below - lmfao), but once I did hook up with someone, I was... intense about it. hahaha.

Well, it was only natural that I became an escort. 0,o I have to admit, I did it because it really turned me on to be cybering with strangers and noobs - lol - maybe that's a bit weird - but true nonetheless! I had never thought of SL as a way to make money - it was just fun! I had some success at it, I think because i was totally into it! But, you can only titillate so many noobs before the excitement fades - and it didn't take too long before the initial electricity was gone. When Anna said that she wanted to start an agency - i thought that it would be even better to be helping run the whorehouse than WORKING in it - lol. So she set up "Grade A Escorts", and I helped her out, and we hired quite a few girls, and to make a long story short - we did pretty well at it. I made enough money to buy my first piece of land pretty quickly - and every couple of weeks, I would pick up another 1024 parcel. I remember the excitement I felt every time i would click that "Buy" button, and the amazing feeling of standing on a new parcel of land that I owned - it was almost as good as the sex. hehe.

Not everything was all rosy and wonderful of course - we all know that Second Life is like a lens that can magnify DRAMA! Not knowing any better, I got involved in a few pretty dramatic situations. The one I remember best is meeting and befriending a hot and saucy woman that had a club on the next sim over. We started doing some business together - we ran a mall with a few other people, and we became good friends really quickly. but the day came when she seemed to change - her behaviour was odd, had become manipulative and, frankly, mean. I couldn't figure it out, until it came out that in RL, her husband and she had split up, and he had taken over control of her avatar in SL! OMG, the things I told him not realizing - lol... Well, it was a lot more complicated than that, to be honest, and actually it was a pretty painful experience. But I think we all have to have those in SL to really appreciate the full gamut of the SL experience. I figure that anyone who has never had their heart broken in SL, is just not playing it right!

My greatest moment of shame in SL came during this time as well. We all do things that we are ashamed of - I am no different. But i made myself a promise that I would not impose ANY restrictions on myself in SL - that I would experience it to its fullest without the hangups and taboos that I had in RL. Usually, this was fine - I had some clients as an escort that wanted to be humiliated or degraded or have really nasty things done to them, and although that isn't my thing at all, I always tried to role-play it as best I could. Well, one day, a quiet man stopped into Grade A. I was the only one around, and asked me to come over to his place for a bit of fun. We talked for a while, and he was a smart, intelligent guy. But eventually, he got to the heart of the matter - he asked me if I would do "anything", and given my promise to myself, I of course said yes! Well, he asked me if I would be willing to roleplay being his daughter, and have sex with him. I was disturbed of course, but (and this is the shameful part) I agreed to do it - I put on a teenage avatar (he wanted me to pretend to be 8, but even I couldn't stomach that) and tried my best to get into the role. At the time, I convinced myself that if he could find an outlet for his sick desires in SL, then maybe he would not have to submit to them in RL. Now, that seems like a lame rationalization. Afterward, I felt awful - dirty and foul. In fact, it was the last time I ever worked as an escort. To this day, I am deeply ashamed when I think about that, and it is something I wish I had never done.

However... To continue... My love affair with land had started early - I got a parcel of First Land about two weeks into SL - on a sim called Danmu - a couple parcels over from another new resident that was to become (and remains) another close friend - Erik Goff who has about 100 business going in SL these days! I still own a 512 parcel on Danmu. The next sim over was a new sim called Muk, and all of the land was for sale by someone named Anshe Chung - who I had never heard of - but whenever I had the money and knew I could cover the tier - i would buy another plot next to the ones I already had - until I had purchased most of the sim! In fact, Erik still has his head office there now - and the last remnants of the first club/casino that we set up there called The Money Helix - which i was only involved in at the very beginning, but is still going strong two years later! Erik now owns the whole sim, and I still go back there occasionally just to remember what it used to look like.

When Anna and I decided to stop doing the escorting thing, I had quite a bit of land. We had designed and built some apartments for the girls (my first real build!),and in fact I had started renting out space for stores, we had a little mall going - and all in all I had quite a bit of land. I had got involved in running a couple of other malls as well by this time, but the time came to sell off the land I had bought for the escort service, and a strange thing happened. I made a profit. A good one! And the people that were renting the land wanted me to keep being their landlord! So, I started looking around and educating myself about the land biz and started buying up cheap plots (before the advent of the landbots - this was still possible - lol) and turning them over for a profit. Well - i was hooked! I seemed to have a knack for buying and selling land, or for renting it - and i totally loved meeting all of the people that wanted a spot to call home, or to put their business, or whatever. Many of the people that I rented to back in the beginning are either still renters on one of the Estates, or have become friends. Or both! I still think i know all of my tenants now - even though there are probably 150 of them - lol - it is my favorite part of the land biz - meeting them - watching what they create - sharing in a small way in their SL lives. Although I have less time to be sociable than I used to - it is still one of my greatest pleasures - the excitement that people have when they have their own piece of land to call home reminds me of my own excitement buying those 1024 plots in the beginning. And the amazing things that they do with it! I have watched clubs, malls, art galleries, zoos, gorgeous homes (and hideous ones...), sex clubs, gardens & parks, chapels, casinos, military camps, volcanoes, and whole themed medieval kingdoms spring up out of a flat patch of virtual ground - and it has been a wonder to see.

This time in my Second Life was.... intense! As with anything new - there was a wonder and excitement - the highs were high and the lows were low. I always tell people that to enjoy SL, you need to throw yourself into it. Jump off the cliff without looking at how far below the ground is. Don't forget, in Second Life - you can fly! Especially if you immerse yourself in it and allow yourself to experience, and to feel, and to experiment. Find out what you love - or who you love - and DO IT (or them - lol). Learn to build - learn to script - learn to run a business - learn to put yourself out there, and don't be held back by feeling silly that this is only a game. It's not a game at all.

Well, that's it for the first six months or so of my ongoing SL journey. If I feel inspired, i will write a Part 2! Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone - it's more cathartic for me to write it that anything - but as always, i would be interested in your experiences, or in how any of this made you feel. Or whatever. *grin*


Monday, April 7, 2008

Changes in Island Pricing

For a long time now, i have often talked about potential policy changes at Linden Labs having an impact on the value of DDE's land holdings.

LL has just released this announcement on their Blog.

So, basically, in one fell swoop, the net asset value of DDE has dropped by about 40% - Islands that cost DDE $1675 USD each to buy, could now not even be sold for $1,000USD each. So, obviously, any future plans of DDE to liquidate assets in order to wind down the business are going to have to be rethought.

Yesterday, I would have valued the total estate holdings of DDE at about $42,000 USD. Today, they are worth about $25,000.

I just read the blog post moments ago - and frankly, on the heels of all the events over the last month or so with DDE, I am at a loss.

On the positive side, at this point the tier levels are remaining the same, so the ongoing operations - the revenue and expenses of renting the land - will remain unchanged and DDE will continue to make the same profits as before each month.

However, i will need to rethink the strategy I have in place for the future of DDE - it no longer makes any sense to rush into winding down the business - the logical next step MIGHT be to do some "dollar cost averaging" and in fact to start contemplating further expansion - to reduce the average cost of each sim in DDE, thereby improving the profitability and bringing the cost of overall assets lower per unit. At any rate, it is important that shareholders know what is going on.

To repeat - this does not affect the overall monthly revenue and profit projections for DDE - it just makes the company worth significantly less.


As always, thoughts and comments are appreciated.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

SIM Joint Venture is ending

The successful Joint Venture between DDE and Sienkiewicz Investment Management (SIM on the WSE) is going to be winding down over the next little while. Pablo Sienkiewicz and I ran three sims together (actually two full sims and 4 openspaces), and all were profitable. Pablo and I have decided to end the joint venture. We have "swapped" two of the sims, each taking ownership of one, and SIM will buy out the remaining interest in the last sim in the coming weeks. As part of this overall deal - I will be transferring my shares in SIM to Pablo, and a request to that effect has been sent to the WSE.

In addition, I will no longer have a position on the Board of SIM.

I want to thank Pablo and SIM for the opportunity, and for working with DDE to develop a successful partnership, out of which both companies profited. I want to make it clear that the dissolution of this partnership is in no way a negative comment on SIM. SIM is a profitable and well-run company, and I wish Pablo the best of luck and success. Our companies are simply moving in different directions now, and with DDE's delisting from the WSE, this seemed the best course of action.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Financial Sector in SL™ - sigh

The following is a slightly moddified version of a post I made on the SL Exchange Forums this morning... It's not very positive - but it is from the heart. lol I was commenting on a post about the stock exchanges, and was reflecting on the whole "financial sector" of SL.

The whole series of financial fiascoes in SL in the last year are all predicated on one thing. Greed.

Self-appointed bigshots and experts have fueled the greed by promising big returns only to disappear into thin air. Investors, with dollar signs in their eyes - were eager to believe the lines that they were being fed, while the scammers rubbed their hands in glee at the investors' gullibility. People invested their money, expecting to make easy returns on a house of cards, ponzi scheme, or fly-by-night "investment fund".

Worse than that, individuals with no skills or credentials convinced thousands of others to invest millions of Lindens, all with the promise of huge returns - followed by the inevitable failure of the business, because the person running it was a 19 year old high school drop out who knew nothing except how to spin a good line.

Now - sure there are honest people in the SL financial world, and it isn't fair to throw everyone under the bus because of the actions of some. It isn't fair, but it is totally understandable. And some of the honest fund operators have found themselves turfed and missing a large chunk of their assets.

To say that I have become disillusioned about the whole "financial sector" in SL would be an understatement. I got involved in the WSE early on, to learn, to have fun, and to take on the challenge of running a virtual company, to see if I could make it profitable. maybe I got caught up in the greed as well - i certainly raised a lot of Lindens to expand the business and was able to go from a small land company to a much bigger one using other people's money. I saw an opportunity to grow much faster than I could do alone, and I took it. I was full of pride at how many people were willing to throw their Lindens at me - and I started to think of myself as a "CEO" - a bigshot! Hell, I must be - lookit all these people that think I am so amazing and want to give me their money! But I always worked hard to learn what i had to learn and do what i had to do.

In my naiveté, I thought that everyone was doing it in good faith, and I took on the responsibility of accepting other peoples' money in trust to grow the business. It is a responsibility that i took, and take, seriously. I have tried to be fair and honest when I have done anything in SL, from the beginning to now. It's up to others to decide if I have succeeded or not. But I almost fell into that terrible trap of greed and pride - and I started to believe my own press!

Meanwhile, I watched other business owners cut and run with the money they raised, and was infuriated. Watching the back room deals, and the dishonesty, and the chest-thumping and posturing, made me both laugh and cry at the same time. This wasn't a WSE phenomenon - it was everywhere in SL - the banks, the ponzis, the funds. gah.

As an investor in the WSE, quite aside from my own business, I have been betrayed by people I considered friends, starting back with Montana Ryder, who ran off last summer. Next was Kejo Merlin, who bolted in the fall with thousands of dollars of other peoples' money, including a substantial amount of mine. There have been others since - with my investments vanishing in a puff of smoke. I am left with a pantload of WTF shares, and an aching heart when I think about the betrayal. The worst part about it is that I wasn't even investing in them to make money - I believed in them and wanted to see them succeed, and I thought they were dynamic, ethical people that would make good on their promises. I am a sucker that way.

I have always been one of the most vocal supporters of the WSE - I felt a sense of loyalty to the organization that made it possible for my little land business to have whatever success it has had. I have always wanted to try to assure people that there ARE honest people that are involved in the exchanges - lots of them. I wanted to see the WSE succeed.

And when the WSE reopens (which it will), I still really hope it succeeds, because there are still some good honest people that are involved there, that just want to make something out of their ideas and hard work. not everyone to be sure, but many. They don't deserve to be cast aside.

But I won't be one of the people on the WSE train - now that I have delisted the company and have decided to manage all of the investors personally. This was done as a matter of conscience, in light of my own beliefs and plans for the future. I could have stayed on the WSE and probably done really well. But I couldn't.

I will continue to run the business in order to make sure that anyone who gave me their money during my time at WSE gets it back, with a healthy profit. But the magic has gone out of it - it's not as much fun any more. Swimming against the current is tiring. Sticking to your principles, when many around you are abandoning theirs, is tiring. It makes you feel stupid - like a sucker. When my responsibilities are discharged, I might wind it all down, and do something else entirely - idk. At this point I am just enjoying the freedom of being in control again - being able to work directly with my shareholders to figure out how to proceed.

I guess I just sound like a whiny bitch at this point - I know that I have nobody to blame but myself for my disillusionment, and that whatever I have done, I have done with eyes wide open. And in the end, I have been successful, have had a great time, most of the time, and really have no reason to complain. But the greed and avarice of many of the people that have coopted the financial scene in SL is disheartening, and they have made it hard for me to trust anyone at all. I am not slamming any of the exchanges - I don't know much about them other than WSE. But I have decided to trust the one person that I know I can rely on. Me.

Comments appreciated...


Monday, March 31, 2008

Buyback Details and New Shareholder List

I am providing the details of the Initial Buyback of shares, which took place on march 30, 2008 - 10 days after the delisting of DDE from the WSE, as well as the new shareholder list, effective today, April 1, 2008. The new fiscal year commences today as well, with the first dividend to be payed out by May 5th, and the 5th of every subsequent month. Details of dividend payments and updated shareholders lists will be available as we go along.

As I have mentioned before - the remaining shares will be subject to "mandatory buyback" over the coming months as per the schedule I have laid out:
1st Quarter: 2.50L per share
2nd Quarter: 2.75 per share
3rd Quarter: 3.00L per share
4th and subsequent Quarters: 3.25L per share.

As you will see - three investors assisted me in providing cash to complete the buyback of shares - Vitall Beck, Eliale Morigi, and logansan Oh - I am extremely grateful that these three stepped forward to make this all possible. The shares they have purchased as part of this buyback will be considered "reserve" shares - they will not be subject to a buyback until all other shares of DDE have been bought, and will be eligible to receive dividends.

The initial buyback was of 747,253 shares, and the total amount paid out was 1,955,676L. There are now 51 DDE shareholders.

If at any time, any shareholder wishes to cash out their holdings of DDE, I will strive to make this possible. Although I cannot guarantee that I will be able to fulfill the request, I am confident that in most cases, this will be possible.

Click here to see the details of the Initial Buyback

Click here to see the new shareholders list, as of April 1, 2008

Once again - thanks to all. Onward and upward!


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Initial Buyout Complete

It is done...


The initial buy back of shares was completed today - with some last minute messages from some large investors that wanted to cash out, the number of shares bought back today swelled to almost 750,000 shares, and I distributed almost 2,000,000L to shareholders. That's a LOT of zeroes!

First, I want to thank three investors who made this possible by providing more than half of the cash necessary to do this buyback, and have thereby increased their stake in the new DDE.

Second, there are a number of shareholders whose accounts no longer exist in SL - or who have not logged on for over three months (yes, I checked them all - lol). I did not buy shares from these accounts (which total about 22,000 shares or about 0.5%), but am keeping the money in reserve as I try to ascertain their status - most of these shareholders have few shares, but I do not want to throw money into dead accounts, so it is worth a bit of time to try to contact those that I can.

Third, I am going to post a new list of shareholders and their holdings tomorrow - I know I promised it today, but I don't have all of the final numbers yet, and want to make sure that it is right before it is posted. I will be posting specifics about how many shares were bought, from whom , for how much. Although I am sensitive to the privacy of my shareholders, at this point I think the need for transparency outweighs it, and i want everyone to know exactly what I am doing every step of the way.

The last 10 days since DDE delisted from the WSE have been... a whirlwind. I have been overwhelmed by the support shown to my by my investors - whether they continue to hold shares in the company or were bought out today - you have all been wonderful. I will continue to work hard for you to maximize the value you get out of being a part of my little business.

Today I am sad, as I learned yesterday of the passing of my friend, Geyl Fapp, who died too young, but left a legacy of hope and trust for us in SL. She made me realize that all of this means nothing if we don't treat each other well, and seek friendship and love and community in Second Life.

Please visit the memorial site for Geyl and see what this remarkable woman created to mark her own passing.

Thank you all for being part of the DDE family and community. In Geyl's memory, let's always remember to treat each other well and work together for the common good of all.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Final Plan

First of all, I want to thank DDE investors for just being so damned amazing! You guys rock! After a lot of thought and consultation, here is the final plan.

1. All shareholders with 5000 or fewer shares are being bought out tomorrow for 3L per share. This amounts to a total of 135,086 shares, to be bought out for 405,258L

2. All shareholders with more that 5000 shares were given the offer to sell the first 5000 shares at 3L per share and their remaining shares immediately at 2.50L per share. A number of shareholders contacted me, and in total, there are 5 shareholders that are selling a total of 383,926 shares (25,000 @ 3L per share, the rest at 2.50L per share), for a total buyout price of 972,315L.

3. So, in total, 519,012 shares are being bought back for 1,377,573L. This will happen tomorrow, Sunday, March 30, 2008 (the delisting happened on March 20 - I apologize for taking so long to get this ironed out)

4. I was able to raise personal cash to cover 877,573L of this total. I contacted three major shareholders who had exhibited an interest in providing capital for this buyback, and they will provide the other 600,000 Lindens, and be given the proportional amount of shares.

5. After this initial buyout - I will institute the following procedure:

A. I will collect a monthly salary of 250k Lindens.
B. All remaining profits will be distributed as dividends monthly. My expectation is that this will result in a monthly dividend of between 0.1L and 0.15L.
C. With my share of the dividends, and my salary, I will do a mandatory buy back of shares at rates on the following schedule (the new fiscal year for DDE starts on April 1, 2008):
- First quarter: 2.50L per share
- Second quarter: 2.75L per share
- Third quarter: 3.00L per share
- Fourth and subsequent quarters: 3.25 per share

All shareholders will have a proportion of their shares bought back each month, in order to be fair. The one exception to this is the shares bought by the three investors today - that are providing the cash to make this possible. They will have the option to keep these shares until all other shares have been bought back, before they are subject to the mandatory buyback.

I cannot guarantee being able to buy any more shares than the monthly dividends and salary allow. However, if at any time, a shareholder wants to liquidate their shares, i will do whatever I can to make this possible, and would be willing to try to broker a deal with another shareholder for a transfer of shares. I am confident that if shareholders need to sell their shares quickly I can find a way to make it possible - so please contact me.

I will post details of all of this tomorrow, including which shareholders sold how many shares, and for how much, and will provide an up-to-date list of shareholders. I am having to learn how to put up web pages - so some patience may be needed with format and so on, but the information will be available tomorrow.

Again, I just want to thank the DDE shareholders for your support and good wishes - I have been overwhelmed by how positive and just plain amazing you have all been. It is humbling, to be sure, and it of course just makes me want to work that much harder to make DDE successful and profitable for you in the next year so that you can all maximize your investment returns.

As always, I am open to comments, questions, thoughts, advice, etc... Please feel free to contact me inworld by IM or notecard, or leave a comment on the blog here.