Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing the point! LOL

Ok, people - I think you are missing the point here! lol

So far, I have had a dozen people contact me that want to reinvest in DDE with at least 100,000 more shares. Almost no-one has indicated that they wish to sell out! Now, while on the one hand this is gratifying, on the other hand, it doesn't help my plan very much! hahaha

I appreciate the support however...

I need to know from shareholders that want to sell off their shares immediately - if there aren't any - then there is no real need for reinvestment - except for the "forced" buyout of shareholders with fewer than 5000 shares. I will post this in the group as well, but please contact me with if you want to sell your shares.

On an administrative note - I have been contacted by a number of shareholders about discrepancies in the list of shareholders that I posted yesterday. This list was taken on March 20, 2008 - the day that I delisted from the WSE. However, there appears to have been some movement of shares after the WSE closed - some shares have been moved to other accounts, and the avatars that have had shares removed, it seems, had it done without their knowledge or consent - with one exception.

Fortunately, I took a list of shareholders on the day that the WSE closed in January - so i am going to revert to using this list as the authoritative source for shares.

The link has been updated with the January 5th shareholder list here.



Aeneas Whitfield said...

I have to say first of all, well done on the handling of both the delisting and the restructuring. After so much sleaze and scandal I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see someone act with integrity. Good Karma to you.

I hold a modest total of 5,000 shares. My only concern at any time was the possibility of having them converted to worthless WTF bonds. While I have no particular desire to sell, I do understand your desire to scale back your involvement.

Please feel free to include these in the initial buyback if this helps at all.

I hope that at some point you will return to a more active role, after all you possess something which is beyond price, a first class reputation.

Good luck to you,

Aeneas Whitfield

Delicious Demar said...

Thanks very much Aeneas :-)

I will have to work on that reputation - lol. It was much simpler back in the beginning when i was an escort - being a woman of loose morals is a lot easier than running a company!!

But, I have to say, editorially, that it is a sad commentary about Second Life when someone just doing what is fair is considered unusual - I have met many people here who have been mt role models for how to try to do things properly. In fact, I think that most of the people I have met in Second Life would do the same in the same situation.

The biggest flaw I have seen in people that inhabit the strange world of SL finance is greed - there are too many people that are simply greedy. Not all, to be sure, but a significant portion. They don't seem to understand the karma that you mentioned - generosity returns to you tenfold - one way or another.

The problem with greed is that it requires immediate gratification, and it feeds on itself, growing until it obscures the smart path - which is usually incremental and consistent growth. Greed is not only wrong, it is stupid. If you look at truly successful people, they have ambition and they have integrity. But it usually not about the money.

It never has been for me - it has been about the challenge and the learning - seeing if I could create something out of nothing and learning my limits and my capabilities. That's why i have never taken a Linden out of SL for myself - in two years of growing the business, i have always invested everything I have made back into it, to see what I could make of it.

I take my responsibilities to my shareholders very seriously - without you, DDE would be a very different, smaller entity. you gave me your hard-earned Lindens in trust - and I don't want to betray that trust. Like most of you, I have been screwed over by people in SL a number of times, and I didn't like it at all.

And in the end, even if I lost everything in SL - it wouldn't be the end of the world - I have had a blast and have learned lessons here that will be with me for the rest of my life. A few Lindens here and there are not going to change that.

However - I digress... lol

I think that I have been soliciting feedback for long enough, and will be making a decision and taking action this weekend to implement the plan. I will post the final plan here and in the group inworld. I have enough support from enough shareholders in principle, that I am comfortable moving ahead with the assurance that the majority of shareholders will be content with the plan.

Stay tuned - and if you want to sell shares - please let me know soon!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas, Del :=)