Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shares on the table!

Hi all,
one of my large investors has let me know that he would like to sell his shares - and he has almost 280,000 of them!.

If you are interested in picking some up, please let me know. I'd like to sell all of them to as few investors if possible - so please only contact me if you are willing to buy a large amount - say 50k shares. I will broker a price (with strict confidentiality on both sides) and manage the transaction. I'll only take a small commission - say 10%. hehehe.

Just kidding!

I am sad to see him go - he has been a wonderful source of advice over the last year - and has been totally supportive of DDE since its humble beginnings... mwah!



Anonymous said...

fix price or open to proposals?


Delicious Demar said...

I'll try to get the best price for the seller - he and I have already discussed an appropriate range. I would prefer to have a set price for all the shares and I will contact anyone who has expressed interest directly in the next day or so to come to a consensus about a fair price.

So, far I have three people that have shown an interest.


Logansan Oh said...

hahaha @ bernard n shull.
MLM schemes are hilarious and this one is smokin!
Wonder how many people from this blog are considering dumping their RL jobs and taking up a career in "serious blogging" after reading that.
Mmm...shiny things.

Logansan Oh...oops, how is the re-investment search going? :)