Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's with the Voice Requests??

Ok, so apologies in advance to a couple of people that are going to be quite offended by this - but it isn't really aimed at you.

What's with the voice requests??

I have blogged a few times before about my reticence to get any more involved in SL than I am already - especially on an emotional level. In the last few weeks, I have had a dozen people ask me to get onto voice with them - either in SL or on Skype or whatever - and so far I have always said no. I have tried the SL Voice feature a few times, and it really irritates me - so I am already predisposed to dislike it. I also have to run a viewer that is pre-voice, since it seems to be the only one that my graphics card doesn't bork on.

But regardless - the requests are usually not for business reasons - which i might consider - but are more on the level of getting to know each other better, flirting more quickly, or out-and-out requests for phone sex. Uhmmm... word to the wise - if i wanted to be on voice with you - I already would be!

That might be a bit unfair - and a couple of people will doubtless be seriously offended at my arrogance at assuming that they are hitting on me - and in fairness - some of them are not at all.

What pisses me off more than anything is the response I get sometimes that I "must be a man" because I won't go on voice. Frankly, if that is what you think, why the heck are you flirting with me in the first place - and sometimes even continue after I have said no??

The last person that asked me was not at all slimy about it - it was a very civil and platonic request, and I started giving all the reasons I could think of why I just couldn't. He very rightly pointed out to me that all that was basically bullshit - if I didn't want to, why didn't I just say that??

He was right - I just don't wanna! In the end my reasons are my own - irrational or stupid as they might be - but if they aren't good enough, feel free to speculate that it might be one or more of the following:
1. I really am a man.
2. I am a 13 year-old girl.
3. I am an 83 year-old woman
4. I have a horrible speech impediment.
5. I hate my voice.
6. I hate being hit on in general and can only just manage to handle it in text, cuz really, it isn't cute at all - just annoying.
7. People are usually a lot less interesting / a lot more irritating in voice than in text.
8. I like to keep a record of all my conversations in SL because i have a terrible memory and need to have something to refer to.
9. I just don't wanna. really.

Okies - sorry for the rant, but it's 8:30, and i don't have nearly enough caffeine in my system yet...



Anonymous said...

That's why my ALT is a DOG, what i noticed is that i don't get so much sex offers when beeing a dog, it's so refreshing it almost feels like not sl :)

Andy Grant

Red Dutton (SL) said...

ahhh voice the un-normal comunication . D-oh! voice the needed forrm of physical talk . ah much better talk is only for people you see next to you in a room Sl it is just blabber but i like 4-9 most that hate voice really can see thoes i know me i hate my own voice i dony like phones and i hate talking to nothing i can physicaly see. and records are the best expecialy with short term memory helps me know who i have seen and when i seen them and what day i need to do something

well DD i have to say you Really are a LADY and a darn good one to
as i say to some
"i may be stupid but i am smart"
and i know you will know what the true meaning of that statment really is
Take care and have fun!