Tuesday, July 8, 2008

June Dividends and Buybacks coming!

Hi all,
I am just taking a few days vacation - wooot! However, I have the final June numbers ready, and will be completing the dividend and buybacks in the next few days.
During the month of June, I did buy a few new Openspace sims - they are doing very well, so I have expanded when a client has wanted a sim but I have had none available. So, as of the end of June, DDE now has 19 regular islands, and 25 Openspace sims. Occupancy levels on the regular sims are not yet what they were in the spring - but the Openspaces are all full but one.
June was overall a good month, but I did use some funds for the expansion.

I am expecting to provide dividends of between 0.075L and 0.1L per share this month. I have taken the monthly salary this month (250k) - and will be using my salary and dividends to buy shares for myself.

What I am proposing for this month is to buy back as many of the shares of one large investor that is trying to sell out - and not buy back shares from anyone else. So, for most of you, your share totals will remain unchanged this month.

Please contact me if you want to get some additional shares from the individual that is selling off.

If you were counting on the buybacks for a little extra cash - please let me know as soon as possible - but remember, as of July, share buy back prices increase from 2.50L to 2.75L per share - so waiting will get you a little extra in future buybacks.

And remember - if you have any land needs - please contact me - it's good for both of us ;-).

As always, please contact me with questions, comments, or concerns, or leave a comment here on the blog.


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tomac sewell said...

Hi Del.

I´m glad to see DDE is doing good, and that you were able to get your salary this month, i have no problem with you buying shares from only one shareholder this month, in fact if I wasnt a little short on cash right now, i would buy some myself, if he still wanna sell and have some left in 3 weeks i would be interested, and just a little comment to your last blog, i dont think it would be a good idea to relist DDE on a stockexange, to be honest i simply dont trust any off them right now..
as always you´ve done an excellent job with DDE again this month, as a shareholder i can only say "thank you Del"