Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Important message to all DDE shareholders

Important message to all DDE shareholders:

I have thought long and hard about this, and i have decided that I do not want Delicious Demar Enterprises to be associated with the World Stock Exchange in any way whatsoever. I consider the actions taken by the WSE in relation to DDE and me personally to be a declaration of war, and will act accordingly.

As a result, I have decided to remove all shares from individuals that have accounts on the WSE, are part of the WSE Facebook group, or have made any statements in public that in my opinion support the WSE.

This will be done at my sole discretion. I have already gained access to membership lists, and have compiled a list of avatars that are known WSE co-conspirators, and will be seizing their shares over the next few days. As it turns out, most of my existing shareholders are still using the WSE, in spite of the unethical actions of its owner and operator, Luke Connell. As a result, almost all shares in DDE will revert to me, and I will buy out the few remaining shareholders and go my own way.

I know that some of you might find this unfair, but I cannot have the reputation and future prospects of DDE undermined by undesirable influences. I consider WSE and anyone associated with it to be such. In the end, the shares you all "own" are valueless anyway - Lindens are not a real currency, and any contract entered into by me and my shareholders through the WSE would be subject to the Terms of Service of the WSE at the time, which clearly states that trading on that platform is only a game, and that shares have no real value.

It could be argued, that since DDE delisted from the WSE, any and all obligations to shareholders ended at that time, and I have only been following the course i have chosen out of a misguided sense of loyalty to the people that invested in DDE's growth and development. In fact, there is no obligation, based on the ToS of both the WSE and Second Life. You gave your money to the WSE - and thereby to me. I never promised any returns on your investment, so I feel completely justified in my actions.

Ok. I'm kidding.

But hopefully you all get the point...



Anonymous said...

Lol, you almost sounded like Luke with this, but i can't say that since i still imagine of getting my SNE shares converted into L$ someday.

What surprises me though is that both Sarah and Redux are not putting luke into the wall by just delisting from WSE, i just can't understand why they'd wanna be affiliated with WSE, Sarah is one of the most respected "landbarons" while Redux is one of the most respected "script-barons", Why the hell are they still supporting luke ?

Anonymous said...

In the case of Sarah I don't know but Redux is apparently using her scripting skills for WSE...

Duke Mercy said...

The anonymous reactions speak books - noone dares to speak out anymore, let's all hail Emperor Luke.

Pretty much everyone who's still using the WSE for their own company has doubtful intentions themselves and more or less supports the whole fraudulent scandal too.

In that light, it's actually a shame that you are not being serious here, Delicious. ;)

Cincia said...

LOL DD it's good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor as Luke's scam has unfolded. /me sends a roll of toilet paper to WSE shareholders effectively doubling their investments (should they choose to disagree with or otherwise offend his highness Lord Luke)!

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that as a result of the WSE seeking autonomy and expansion beyond Second Life and LEECHING! exposure using a technology platform provided by highly credible, truly successful, actual innovators whilst dealing with real individuals directly, Luke will come face to face with the fact that actual theft under whatever 'disclaimed' guise can't be tolerated.

The sad thing about Luke Connell is that he isn't a scammer, he's not designed the WSE with the primary goal of ripping people off, the WSE IS Luke's very own penis enlargement, it's not scam it's sleaze, Luke isn't a criminal mastermind, he's just got tempted to brush a few very real thousand dollars under the carpet. The WSE is something which in the hands of someone like Delicious Demar would stand tall and erect, but got landed in the hands of someone who's clearly a total limp dick.

yours truly A.Nony.Mouse

Anonymous said...

Hello Del,

I'm out of topic but, do you have any figures for July and an idea about August?

Thank You!!

eliale morigi

Delicious Demar said...

Hey Eliale - et al.

Sorry for the silence - i have been away on vacation without any internet access! woooot!

I will make a comprehensive post tonight with an update on DDE, the WSE, and more...